Bexley Branch of CAMRA

We are the Bexley Branch of CAMRA, (Campaign for Real Ale) – the branch is part of the Kent region, while our area is defined by the borders of the London Borough of Bexley.

London was once known as the capital of the world for beer with the exporting of its famous brews all around the globe. Today, although there are fewer breweries, London has recently seen a steady growth in the number of its small brewers, due to the increasing demand for a variety of different ales. And of course, London's reputation for fine and historic pubs is well known.

Kent too has a fine tradition in the brewing industry, providing the overwhelming majority of the nation’s all-important hops. The qualities of the different varieties are exploited by the brewers to produce a wide variety of interesting beers. As in London, the number of small breweries in Kent is still continuing to increase – and many Kentish pubs, especially those in country villages, are truly outstanding.

We at Bexley hold regular monthly meetings at different pubs throughout the borough. They’re always very informal and are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month.

Added to that are the purely social meetings, which we also enjoy every month. They normally take the form of a crawl of three or so pubs near one another on a weekday evening, and occasionally we have a Saturday crawl starting at lunch time and taking in a larger number of pubs. These social meetings often explore pubs outside the borough.

Click on the ‘Events’ button on the left for details of all forthcoming meetings. Why not come along to one yourself to enjoy a good drink and socialise with us – don’t worry, we’re not scary!

We organise our own beer festival each year (click the tab on the left for details) and support others in the area, both as customers and as volunteer helpers. Please explore our site by clicking on the other tabs to the left, and if you’re not already a member of CAMRA, why not consider joining?

More beer, more cheer!

If you wish to receive occasional branch e-mails of event details, please send an email to the branch contact who will add you to his distribution list. All e-mails are sent as 'blind copy' so your e-mail address will not be revealed to others.

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