Young Members

My second instalment here on the Young Member's page - and I'm hoping it is proving insightful to the many of us who are out there but perhaps not in public view.

I have made contact with many of you and look forward to seeing you and hope you will join me at the Bexley Cider Trail from October 12-16 at our branch Micropubs and at Bexley Brewery. It says a lot that a young member in a branch as dynamic and genuinely welcoming as Bexley would be appointed Social Secretary and be requesting a couple of thousand pounds from CAMRA HQ to run this fantastic event - and we want to see many young people (members and non-members alike) come into the borough and branch and enjoy some proper cider!

With your support, we will continue to prosper. I certainly hope more of Bexley's young members will come to the fore and be counted in the future.

Nicholas Hair
Young Members Rep

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